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Saturday, August 05, 2017

Gosh, has  it been this long since we posted a Shak blog
entry? I was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in 2014
and it puts a cramp in your typing skills.Thanks to great
doctors at the University of North Carolina Health Care,
I have made a slow journey back.Have been adding content
to the site again and hope to be back in full swing soon.
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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

We had to laugh when Chris Creamer accused soom one of
stealing a logo off his site.Creamer and his ladyboys have
made habits of stealing our reseached graphics.They are
doing it right now.Creamer is a lazy thief and should get
off it.

Monday, January 28, 2013

They say art imitates life, let's hope sport doesn't. Lance Armstrong's
cycling accomplishments were something all Americans should have
been proud of, now they are the pit of doping, lies and greed.
Thankfully the Baseball Writers of America didn't reward Barry
Bonds, Roger Clemens and the rest of the juice junkies for their
records by injection.Meanwhile, Pete Rose remains out of the game
for placing a few bets.Oh to be a bookie and not a junkie.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Awhile back Chris "the Borg" Creamer offered to unblock 15000 users
of the ISP I use in return to give up my 1st amendment right to comment
on his violation of copyright law and outright fraud with the claims he
makes on his website.Recently malware and malicious viruses targeted
from his website were made toward my ISP account.Now Creamer and
his merry band of schmucks have absorbed the HQFL site and AF2
logos posted on the Shak.Now this shameless egomaniac is recruiting
more shills to do his work for him so he has more time to count the money
he makes on copyright artists and rights holders.This guy is a disgrace to
the sports memorabilia hobby and I hope he wakes up.

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

The Jerry Sandusky trial has begun in what is hopefully the end of one of
the saddest chapters in American sports. Sandusky is of course innocent until
a jury of his peers declares him guilty.Unfortunately Joe Paterno left us with
his great career tarnished by this man.I hope that somehow the abuse young
people seem to increasingly be exposed to ceases and that these
incidents become a thing of the past.

NASCAR driver Kurt Busch should hang up his helmet and find a new job.
NASCAR only cares about the money it can rake in and Busch interferes
with that.Just as the racing body destroyed Jeremy Mayfield's life, it will swallow
up Busch and spit him out too.

Good luck to I'll Have Another as he trys to win the Triple Crown.

Monday, March 12, 2012

The big dance is ready to begin. But I am left every year with the idea of letting everyone go for the prize. Why not have 128 teams in the show? It would only add one weekend to the tournament and would solve the problem of having an Iona make the field and a Washington left out like we have this year.This shows why we will never have a playoff for college football, the NCAA can't get the Big Dance right.

Hard to believe that the Formula One racing season is about to begin.The teams gather for the start of the calendar in Australia.Hoping that the facilities in Austin,Texas will be ready to go this fall.NASCAR has the distinction of having their premiere race remembered this year by a freak accident causing a huge blaze after a jet dryer is hit.Finally, lets hope that the safety changes Indycar has made will prevent the tragedy the circuit suffered last year.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

As the year races to conclusion, my thoughts about the sports world tend to depress me. The instances of child abuse amid the veil of a sports foundation and the downfall of a coach such as Joe Patero who should be ranked among the Staggs and Rocknes of coaching is indeed sad. To turn Paterno 's work turning out men of character over the years into a well of deceit based on association with a person of questionable character is very sad. Then to see money continue to be the driving force in sport is another cancer on the athletic world I believe. The NBA lockout and college programs tainted by agents and the lure of the greenback. I was taught that the mere joy of participating in any sport was an honor, although you knew you would never make a dime from doing it. As we ring in 2012, hopefully the ethics of sport will spring up and wash over this muck. I can only hope.