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Monday, March 12, 2012

The big dance is ready to begin. But I am left every year with the idea of letting everyone go for the prize. Why not have 128 teams in the show? It would only add one weekend to the tournament and would solve the problem of having an Iona make the field and a Washington left out like we have this year.This shows why we will never have a playoff for college football, the NCAA can't get the Big Dance right.

Hard to believe that the Formula One racing season is about to begin.The teams gather for the start of the calendar in Australia.Hoping that the facilities in Austin,Texas will be ready to go this fall.NASCAR has the distinction of having their premiere race remembered this year by a freak accident causing a huge blaze after a jet dryer is hit.Finally, lets hope that the safety changes Indycar has made will prevent the tragedy the circuit suffered last year.