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Thursday, December 15, 2011

As the year races to conclusion, my thoughts about the sports world tend to depress me. The instances of child abuse amid the veil of a sports foundation and the downfall of a coach such as Joe Patero who should be ranked among the Staggs and Rocknes of coaching is indeed sad. To turn Paterno 's work turning out men of character over the years into a well of deceit based on association with a person of questionable character is very sad. Then to see money continue to be the driving force in sport is another cancer on the athletic world I believe. The NBA lockout and college programs tainted by agents and the lure of the greenback. I was taught that the mere joy of participating in any sport was an honor, although you knew you would never make a dime from doing it. As we ring in 2012, hopefully the ethics of sport will spring up and wash over this muck. I can only hope.